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1987 Moncler will new office area and factory site in Grenoble off the edge of an industrial area: Echirolles. By increasing the territory began to start a new line of products and to expand. Although in 1987, when paninari wave has passed, but still Moncler sales began to grow, and in order to get more adult market, whether corporation or the importer will no longer attempt to change the status in Italy clips to overcome. But it also ignores the fall has begun to update the product status.

With the economic crisis in the market similar products in Italy and other European countries, Moncler sales began to decline. Status product also began to clear the danger on the situation up, which brought a turning point Moncler over the years, that the season of too much product, operating absolutely improper industrial model plus investment, making the company faced its first an economic crisis. paninaro wave disappeared, when the young man refused to wear these marks they left behind the era of product line makes sales in Italy continued to fall. The situation in terms of sports equipment to bring more acute: Climbing equipment needs to be reformed, padded jacket itself should also take advantage of high-light, fully insulated, 100% waterproof, and other high-tech fabrics to participate in market competition.

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The Moncler jacket is one of the most expensive clothes also can not go wrong. Although this will still be a lot of people crave. In 1985, 50,000 jackets sold in Italy alone. The most popular style is the additional nylon shoulder pads and removable sleeves style nylon fabric, the most popular color is orange and yellow, both at the time the shops are very hard to find. moncler sale canada,Jacket supply control become was the most complex aspects of the problem of imports. At that time other European countries saw the Italian importer demand so hot even retained only 10-15% of their own goods and then sent to the other Italian.

Any store as long as one has the goods will immediately display. Even some private buyers will go abroad to personally buy from home sales. By the exporter planned to occupy the entire advertising propaganda, the most famous is a holding brand of Antarctic bear, and the sign is written: Moncler, mon cher?moncler sale chicago, While wearing the Enzo Braschi Moncler Moncler impact paninao also famous television advertising. Despite the cultural aspects will be limited Moncler, Moncler always escape those who can not afford to sustain success scale importers and makes the brand itself spirit to continue.

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Moncler sponsorship with the consumer market transition duck down sports jacket was also changed, want to enter fashionable field also means to enter the city. The first new trend is expanding first overseas market: Japan. Japanese students in the outbreak of Moncler down heat in 1980. Like in other countries, as in Italy, Moncler because the imported goods, so down jacket high price, but the store is still in hot demand. Although Moncler has the best production quality, but in fact more of a commodity outlay is sometimes higher than was originally priced at 70% of the tariff.

Of course, include retailers fare increase. This is why the final price will be so high. In the early 1980s Italian purchase with high income Moncler based, they only use it in skiing. Anyway, to 1983 in this case, change is a new phenomenon. This phenomenon is similar to that of Japan, is the time to collect all those Milan is known as a luxury Italian fashion paninari mad Moncler jacket who have chosen as the only collection. Because of the cold weather is making it difficult to sought out the reason.Paninari would often gather in the city’s most fashionable areas –Piazza S.Babila. Their fashion will be the media have infinite zoom became the fashion standard.

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1968 Moncler became participate in the Grenoble Winter Olympic Games at the Tenth French national ski team official supporters of. Rooster design trademark by the long side of the line consisting become a symbol of the French team. The Moncler clothes also immediately proved they on the design is how suitable for skiing. moncler gamme bleu sale,Reassuring is that this ski team is to ask the company for them was to design a jacket that is not too thick padding while making athletes muscles to keep warm before the race. Whereby the first ski clothes are manufactured wind duck down, and was named “Nepal”, because there are two waterproof cortical shoulder pads so skiers can ski on his own shoulders.

In the early 1970s Moncler tents and camping equipment no longer in production and concentrate on filling tailored ski suits. Indeed the 1970s can be seen as an outbreak of the era of skiing,moncler boots sale,and Moncler clothes at the time of the market is the most weight. 1974 Rene Ramillon the company handed over her daughter Anni Charlon care. From the point of view throughout the 1970s, Moncler maintained its position as sportswear. With the advent of the 1980s along with the values ​​of hedonism, the clothes are considered a status symbol, also on the history of Moncler left a mark.

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Heart of beauty in everyone, MONCLERSLIFE naturally not forget to create stylish means strong style. MONCLERSLIFE learned over the years, among the timeless classic series jacket design, the every year the latest fashion elements into the functional jacket in ovo collar, closed belt, retractable beam port, hooded, sequins, embroidery a variety of popular elements and the perfect combination of a down jacket, as always, to break the routine and rigid. Meanwhile, MONCLERSLIFE in LOGO design visually make a significant innovation, to retain the classic red and blue color, unique identification of the Alps and the Gallic rooster, into a more dynamic vitality of lines and image styling more imagination.

MONCLERSLIFE Since its launch, has won numerous Hollywood and European stars of love, so that the Union can gaze MONCLERSLIFE become is a popular series. Reform in 1957, in order to prevent the filler products in short supply and increasing labor efficiency, the company has more raw materials moved to Grenoble. In 1964 Moncler Terray by the sponsors set up branch offices in Alaska. Secure and trusted by the world recognized Mincler materials. In the economic boom of the 1960s, they also donated a number of sporting events. The company also with the change and adjustment of products and current events, for large groups and not just for the movement.

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Moncler Classic mid enduring classic series series was renovated and refurbished, sparkling after Xijinqianhua. For those who prefer leisure, established style of dress of the people, the classic is always the best choice, not too flamboyant design, structured windproof hat, front pockets, side pockets cuffs are not very great change, or to complete concise and practical style to attract consumers who want simple and neat casual style can not miss. Outdoor Series MONCLER outdoor series is like outdoor sports, the best choice for keen explorers.

For a long time outdoor series in France, Italy, Canada and other country skiing popular support rate very high, MONCLER conservative compared to the classic series, MONCLER outdoor series is updated every year, every year there are new design and cutting way the clothing and the body adjusted to the optimum state of muscle movement, the movement of people also will be adjusted to the optimum state. Outdoor series of new products in recent years in color with the application made more changes, bright colors makes a bright spot in the ice and snow.Life Series Life series MONCLERSLIFE Union can gaze past few years in Europe and the most fashionable feather series, with the rich urban life change, jacket become warm winter essential supplies.

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Unified production quality, rich experience and many trials are three of them believe it is possible to create an entirely new way to mountaineering. Through cooperation and Lionel Terray broaden their technological level, the company is involved in various projects camping, sleeping bags, gloves, footwear, mountaineering tents. Taste brand. In 1954 Moncler products were selected for the Italian expedition equipment ancient ruins of the Mongol Empire. They also supply the 1955 French expedition to Makale. With the development of science and technology at that time, the cable car appeared. Ski tradition has been completely changed. Before must climb the mountain on foot before each skier slide, such activities is that they will not feel cold.

The emergence of cable car actually makes them exposed to the cold. Ramillon special attention to this point, aware of the need to create a dress to fight this cold. In fact, the man at the time of use waterproof fabric does not guarantee adequate calories, and high prices of duck and not a lot of filling the quota. So Ramillon started experimenting with a series of artificial material as a substitute. He chose a new polyester fiber, called Tergal. Ramillon filled nylon products using this material. The new line of products as a series to be put on the major sports magazine ad.

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In 1952 they decided to buy the plant. In the April 1 of the same year they founded the company Moncler SA. At that time the company’s funds for eight million francs, while Ramillon is president and producer. Very difficult first years of operation. Companies must face the market instability while seeking reliable local customers. Moncler part of camping tents production is regarded as high-altitude camping reservation model is also produced sleeping bags and mountaineering. In particular at the time they produce a waterproof nylon and cotton lining of innovative materials inside the tent, and this tent can sit automatically open, only a few kilograms of weight, which can sleep three people.

Founder was on the other side, Lionel Terray completed the first Frenchman to climb Everest feat, has become a world-renowned climbers. In his return to France, Lionel visited his two old friends, and enthusiastic test their products. He was particularly interested in a duck down filled jacket, it is Ramillon do to resist the winter cold to factory workers with jobs. This surprisingly warm padding jacket and easily. Ramillon and benefit from the experience of Vincent, take the proposal famous mountaineering friend and invited him to become technical support.

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Participation in this group has become a dream then boys. JM Moncler by three people from meeting: Rene Ramillom, Andre Vincent, and Lionel Terray. 33-year-old Remillon Grenoble was a major ski manufacturers. His military service, provide the group equipment. 26-year-old businessman Andre Vincent in the management of a printing plant before the war. moncler sale bloomingdales,He was a guardian of the mountains and ski instructor staff. In JM, he was head coach. 22-year-old Lionel Terray from Grenoble, one of the best family. He was the Alpine ski champion. The three men respect each other, have the same love for nature, outdoor living and skiing in forged a profound friendship.

After the war, Ramillon and Vincent returned to France to continue in business, in fact, under the proposal Ramillon Vincent opened two sporting goods stores. And Terry went to Canada for mountain adventure. As the economy started, natural resources, coupled with the shortage of rations reduced, so as to reduce the return of recreational activities. Those who love nature began a cheap outdoor camping. Even in those who are not very exciting outdoor environment, in a new way near natural experience demand is still growing. moncler sale baby,However, without any equipment. In order to meet this demand, Ramillon and Vincent decided to start production of tents and sports gear. Aimed at the chance, they found a set in Monestier de Clermont, 30 km from the town of Grenoble factories sewing equipment.

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Moncler’s legal department in cooperation with the Customs and the police in various countries, the implementation of strict checks. Because only in Moncler Moncler clothing store and a few boutique store sales, to prevent pirated products from entering the market is very important. Long-term control and technical support provided under the Certilogo help,moncler angers sale, resist piracy has achieved significant results in the last year, the survey has been confiscated by dozens of thousands of counterfeit goods. The story of the history of Moncler began during World War II.

France was then occupied by Germany and split in two, in the free areas, recruitment team was abolished and replaced by a system of universal participation, this system requires the young man must join a group called “Chantiers de Jeunesse” organization. Those organizations like the special status of the people, called Jeunesse et Montagne (JM), moncler alpin sale,its headquarters is located in Grenoble. The main work of the organization by a group of former Air Force official and the Alps for the staff who teach that sense of responsibility of young people interested in fame and operational, of course, in love for the mountains. Group of boys have the opportunity to participate in all the mountain sports, and has close ties with nature.