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Moncler build more strength in 1999 to bring another creative director Remo Ruffini as the first show –2000 spring and summer series. He also established the brand in 2000 another special new boutique tweed series against the motion. Entering a real good taste after it entered the track, the piece of exquisite beautiful jacket in front of people, to date, the industry in the down jacket, but without it things can only higher Lu rooster match . Repeatedly winter, give yourself put on a Moncler, she is happy. Star effect: Yapeng and Faye Wong after together, from manners to dress the way, it can be said to be deeply affected.

A few days ago two people to join a drama debut, Lee went with the king wearing her favorite down jacket, Moncler this brand is not just like Faye Wong, is Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung and many other Hong Kong stars love. Three young people to create this magical story of the brand is not to say, the story of three actor Rene Ramillom, Andre Vincent and Lionel Terray bought a set in Monestier de Clermont factory, the brand name is what from the shorthand names.

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