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Participation in this group has become a dream then boys. JM Moncler by three people from meeting: Rene Ramillom, Andre Vincent, and Lionel Terray. 33-year-old Remillon Grenoble was a major ski manufacturers. His military service, provide the group equipment. 26-year-old businessman Andre Vincent in the management of a printing plant before the war. moncler sale bloomingdales,He was a guardian of the mountains and ski instructor staff. In JM, he was head coach. 22-year-old Lionel Terray from Grenoble, one of the best family. He was the Alpine ski champion. The three men respect each other, have the same love for nature, outdoor living and skiing in forged a profound friendship.

After the war, Ramillon and Vincent returned to France to continue in business, in fact, under the proposal Ramillon Vincent opened two sporting goods stores. And Terry went to Canada for mountain adventure. As the economy started, natural resources, coupled with the shortage of rations reduced, so as to reduce the return of recreational activities. Those who love nature began a cheap outdoor camping. Even in those who are not very exciting outdoor environment, in a new way near natural experience demand is still growing. moncler sale baby,However, without any equipment. In order to meet this demand, Ramillon and Vincent decided to start production of tents and sports gear. Aimed at the chance, they found a set in Monestier de Clermont, 30 km from the town of Grenoble factories sewing equipment.

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At constant exchange rates, the Group recorded double-digit growth in all markets, including the Americas with 42% growth to lead the other regions; the largest market growth of 35% in Asia, China and Japan outstanding; Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales by 16%, a strong France, Britain and Germany and other developed international performance; and the Italian mainland market is basically flat with 2013 fiscal year,cheap mens moncler uk, mainly because of developments in the retail channel offset by the performance of the wholesale channel.

By channel, retail sales rose 29.1 percent to 430.7 million euros, after excluding exchange rate effects the increase was 31%. Wholesale channel sales rose 6.7 percent to 263.5 million euros, 247 million euros the previous year. Over the past year, Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) added 37 stores, so that the global number of independent stores increased to 172, where 134 is directly managed stores, 38 wholesale stores. Group plans to open 20 new stores this year, mainly in Asian markets, including the flagship store in Ginza, moncler gilet sale,Tokyo, Macao and Singapore also welcomed its first Moncler local stores. As of December 31, 2014, the Group’s net debt 111.2 million euros, compared with 171.1 million euros as of December 31, 2013 narrowed 35%, net cash from 5,840 ten thousand euros as of December 31, 2013 increased significantly to ending 8,680 ten thousand euros December 31, 2014 of.