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Also in 2000 we established a special brand new boutique tweed series against the motion. Entering a real good taste after it entered the track, the piece of exquisite beautiful jacket in front of people, to date, the industry in the down jacket, but without it things can only higher Lu rooster match .2009 Moncler Chinese Mainland’s first flagship store in Shanghai,moncler sale amazon, the official login Chinese market. In addition there are counters in Central, Hong Kong IFCMALL 2061 stores and Hong Kong Harbour City Gateway Tower G316 shop. 2012 Moncler official online store official in China on the line, their shop by the YOOX Group’s operations in support of local distribution, covering more than 100 cities and regions in China.

Meanwhile Moncler also very actively involved in a large-scale against the abuse of “Made in Italy” identified activities. In fact, with many large brands, the Italian fashion association has begun to take measures to counteract the growing arrogance of cottage products, their fashion is indeed caused some impact. These imitation and counterfeiting undermine the “Made in Italy” reputation, moncler sale at,it was once a high-quality and great creative representatives. About this activity, Moncler also aimed against the amount due to cost up to several million of collateral damage to the brand caused the black market, its taxpayers and harm the company, but also brings the risk of occupational lot.

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Moncler full-year profit growth accelerated in the fourth quarter rose 71%
Italian luxury feather manufacturer Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) March 4 after the listing of the first annual report published in December 2013, showing net profit in fiscal year 2014 to achieve strong growth beyond the market, cheap moncler online ukthe group expressed confidence in the full year 2015 under the background of continuing instability can maintain rapid growth. Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) March 5, opening 8.5 percent, reported 14.53 euros.

Thanks to the expansion of the store network during the year, Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) annual adjusted EBITDA profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization rose 21.5 percent to 232.9 million euros, higher than the market forecast of 222.8 million euros, for the 2013 fiscal year 191.7 million euros. EBIT EBIT amounted to 201.6 million euros, 21.2% increase, respectively, for 198 million euros and 166.4 million euros market expectations and the previous year. Net profit surged 71.2 percent on-year to 130.3 million euros in the previous year 7,610 million euros, annual sales increased significantly by 19.6% to 694.2 million euros,moncler vest sale, slightly better than the market forecast of 681 million euros, excluding exchange rate effects after an increase of 21 %, while same-store sales in the second half thanks to speed the development of the last few months and recorded a growth of 8%.