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China Down manufacturer Bosideng International Holdings Limited (3998.HK) announced the 2016 fiscal year revenue setback, but net profit soared more than doubled, the group declared a final dividend of 2.6 HK cents per share. As of March 31, 2016, Bosideng revenue was reduced by 8.0% to 5.7873 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), mainly due to domestic macroeconomic environmental impact consumer sentiment, coupled with the Group actively clean up inventory, as well as the adjustment of retail network optimization Down brand portfolio will be paving the way business work. Group accounted for respectively 64.8%, 19.1% and 16.1% of business service jacket, OEM revenue management services and non-down apparel business each fell 2.5%, 18.1% and 18.2%, respectively, fell to 3.9772 billion yuan, 984 million yuan and 826.1 million yuan. Two business accounted for a relatively small proportion than in fiscal year 2015 fell by about two percentage points. Brand sales are shrinking, and where BingJie Compro sales decline of up to 28.2% and 47.2%. The business closed during the year net 1,328 retail outlets, as of March 31 the total number of outlets to 5,271, including self-management and third-party distributors accounted for 32.1% and 67.9%, respectively. Mak Yun Bosideng CFO right to disclose the current 2017 fiscal year end will continue to optimize sales channels inefficient outlets, while the development of e-commerce network, but the number of outlets will remain at 5,000 levels. With the reduction in the stores, the Group also downsizing, the number of full-time employees decreased by 10.7% to 3,867 people, Mak Yun pointed out that the right employees for the fiscal year will not be much to adjust the intensity. Thereafter BingJie brand business focus will shift to online sales, which account for about 10% of the stock will exit the brand Compro Down market. As of March 31, Bosideng Group library stock amounted to 1.6286 billion yuan, compared with 1.9089 billion yuan last year significantly decreased by 14.7%, a decline of more finished goods inventory reached 17.9%.moncler outlet, Inventory liquidation during the year mainly through temporary stores, large supermarket chains and factory stores and other sales channels targeted to avoid the impact on the quality of store sales. Bosideng annual increase in net profit attributable to shareholders of 132.2 million yuan from a year earlier to 280.9 million yuan, an increase of 112.5%, mainly due to cost of sales fell 7%, sales and distribution expenses decreased by 16% and net finance income increased by 279 %. Mak Yun Bosideng will point out right now has Bosideng Men non-feather business Jessie and higher friction brands seeking acquisition opportunities, the goal is women’s brand. Bosideng founder, chairman and CEO of high Dekang plan within three years from the business accounted for eighty percent of Down fell Liucheng, but also increase over fiscal year 2016 fiscal year 2015 of 64.8% nearly 4 percentage points.
Bosideng men’s annual income and high friction, respectively, declining by 32.5% and 25.7% to 186.1 million yuan and 295.4 million yuan, the number of stores each year these two brands a net reduction of 175 and 61-392 and 244. And Jesse Women Brands acquired in 2011 revenue rose 4.0% to 332.9 million yuan, a slight net decrease of 8 brand stores to 203.
As OEM management business, the Group represents 18.1% revenue decrease is mainly due to fiscal year 2015 to assist customers open new products and get a one-time series lead to higher base orders, excluding this revenue is roughly flat. The business has 12 customers, mostly American brands.
Looking to the future of the Chinese economy remain challenging business environment and clothing retailer Bosideng will continue the transformation from the traditional wholesale business model to the consumer closer to the market and in the retail model, and by re-branding, diversification and management innovation to improve internal competitiveness and operational efficiency.
Wherein Flying Snow has focused sporty design will be built into the full range of outdoor clothing brand, in response to the trend of more and more consumers to participate in a variety of outdoor activities.
Bosideng (3998.HK) HK $ 0.66 on Thursday, the day rose 3.13%, of the past 52 weeks, the cumulative decline narrowed to 35.9%.

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The Moncler jacket is one of the most expensive clothes also can not go wrong. Although this will still be a lot of people crave. In 1985, 50,000 jackets sold in Italy alone. The most popular style is the additional nylon shoulder pads and removable sleeves style nylon fabric, the most popular color is orange and yellow, both at the time the shops are very hard to find. moncler sale canada,Jacket supply control become was the most complex aspects of the problem of imports. At that time other European countries saw the Italian importer demand so hot even retained only 10-15% of their own goods and then sent to the other Italian.

Any store as long as one has the goods will immediately display. Even some private buyers will go abroad to personally buy from home sales. By the exporter planned to occupy the entire advertising propaganda, the most famous is a holding brand of Antarctic bear, and the sign is written: Moncler, mon cher?moncler sale chicago, While wearing the Enzo Braschi Moncler Moncler impact paninao also famous television advertising. Despite the cultural aspects will be limited Moncler, Moncler always escape those who can not afford to sustain success scale importers and makes the brand itself spirit to continue.

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Heart of beauty in everyone, MONCLERSLIFE naturally not forget to create stylish means strong style. MONCLERSLIFE learned over the years, among the timeless classic series jacket design, the every year the latest fashion elements into the functional jacket in ovo collar, closed belt, retractable beam port, hooded, sequins, embroidery a variety of popular elements and the perfect combination of a down jacket, as always, to break the routine and rigid. Meanwhile, MONCLERSLIFE in LOGO design visually make a significant innovation, to retain the classic red and blue color, unique identification of the Alps and the Gallic rooster, into a more dynamic vitality of lines and image styling more imagination.

MONCLERSLIFE Since its launch, has won numerous Hollywood and European stars of love, so that the Union can gaze MONCLERSLIFE become is a popular series. Reform in 1957, in order to prevent the filler products in short supply and increasing labor efficiency, the company has more raw materials moved to Grenoble. In 1964 Moncler Terray by the sponsors set up branch offices in Alaska. Secure and trusted by the world recognized Mincler materials. In the economic boom of the 1960s, they also donated a number of sporting events. The company also with the change and adjustment of products and current events, for large groups and not just for the movement.

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Unified production quality, rich experience and many trials are three of them believe it is possible to create an entirely new way to mountaineering. Through cooperation and Lionel Terray broaden their technological level, the company is involved in various projects camping, sleeping bags, gloves, footwear, mountaineering tents. Taste brand. In 1954 Moncler products were selected for the Italian expedition equipment ancient ruins of the Mongol Empire. They also supply the 1955 French expedition to Makale. With the development of science and technology at that time, the cable car appeared. Ski tradition has been completely changed. Before must climb the mountain on foot before each skier slide, such activities is that they will not feel cold.

The emergence of cable car actually makes them exposed to the cold. Ramillon special attention to this point, aware of the need to create a dress to fight this cold. In fact, the man at the time of use waterproof fabric does not guarantee adequate calories, and high prices of duck and not a lot of filling the quota. So Ramillon started experimenting with a series of artificial material as a substitute. He chose a new polyester fiber, called Tergal. Ramillon filled nylon products using this material. The new line of products as a series to be put on the major sports magazine ad.

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Moncler 2013 spring and summer women’s show in France Moncler developed a strict anti-piracy plan, and for all forms of counterfeit products and piracy will take action. In the network market as the beginning of the current network market a variety of counterfeit and unauthorized Moncler brand name-dropping number of websites are increasingly rising. moncler sale austria,The company also recommends that trust should be concerned within range but is not authorized to sell online Moncler apparel e-commerce sites, which enable consumers to become victims of deceptive consumer behavior. Moncler’s legal department is focusing on developing the necessary criteria to assess whether they consider should be closed.

Moncler only official website is, and has not yet started to provide online trading services. Core brand protection strategy under Moncler online and offline collaboration with Certilogo develop new brand protection services. From the 2009 spring and summer product line began service center to provide services directly to consumers and has begun a significant effect. moncler sale america,Moncler of each garment has a unique, different levels of product identification code sewn on the product label, authentication services through the website, consumers can find product information, including identification of the authenticity of the product to your product lines, etc. 。

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When cold insulation pick the clothes not only to consider what kind of fabric, there is a need to focus on important details: the filler. Wei Lundi company noted: warm winter clothes in the middle filling material, in the cold winter air can be left in the body of the table, and then Using the body’s own heat to warm it, thereby generating a low cold winter heating pad, now fill the market can be divided into many, what kind of material that is breathable and warm can do it? Our material is divided into several common cotton wool, down, etc.,

But with the development of technology, insulation materials have been improved, spinning cotton into a new kind of cold filling, which is an ultra-fine silicon hollow staple fiber as the main raw material, together with part of the heat capacity of short fibers, Finished gel content is very small,moncler jackets outlet, hot calendered After formation, the surface is very smooth, feel very delicate, thin, good flexibility performance, outstanding thermal insulation properties, and is not easy to change type, not run wire, water resistance strong, repeatedly washed with a washing machine will not change type. Compared to cotton wool, spinning cotton insulation performance is more prominent, and
Not easy anti-surge, thermal insulation performance over time will not deteriorate become bloated features. In the current market, insulation materials fish, as long as you have a little process is called spinning cotton, the actual difference is great, production methods and ingredients are not the same,So that the consumer is on file, so when buying products or to recognize the brand to see, so no worries. The advent of the Internet age, the “self-media” force more powerful, which means that each of us have become an autonomous media. This feather

Cashmere clothing wholesale manufacturers, is to get the customer experience who in the world, each manufacturer is doing all his own jacket to do the best customer experience. For 2015 new down jacket wholesale, Wei Lundi has done a lot of preparation, but these preparations Not deliberately to achieve What is the purpose, because Wei Lundi previous years are doing, and always wearing experience for the end consumer as the direction of all our efforts. Wei Lundi Down So, for 2015 new down jacket wholesale, are in the customer experience what efforts it

? The first is designed in the style wholesale 2015 new down jacket on the market is a lot of research work, and truly become our customers want production; the second is the 2015 new down jacket wholesale fabrics use, Viagra Lenti stick with the most Comfort fabric best suited to the customer, to make any compromises on comfort fabric is not, to use it with the best. Wei Lundi 2015 new down jacket wholesale, we and the line and capricious.