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Moncler sponsorship with the consumer market transition duck down sports jacket was also changed, want to enter fashionable field also means to enter the city. The first new trend is expanding first overseas market: Japan. Japanese students in the outbreak of Moncler down heat in 1980. Like in other countries, as in Italy, Moncler because the imported goods, so down jacket high price, but the store is still in hot demand. Although Moncler has the best production quality, but in fact more of a commodity outlay is sometimes higher than was originally priced at 70% of the tariff.

Of course, include retailers fare increase. This is why the final price will be so high. In the early 1980s Italian purchase with high income Moncler based, they only use it in skiing. Anyway, to 1983 in this case, change is a new phenomenon. This phenomenon is similar to that of Japan, is the time to collect all those Milan is known as a luxury Italian fashion paninari mad Moncler jacket who have chosen as the only collection. Because of the cold weather is making it difficult to sought out the reason.Paninari would often gather in the city’s most fashionable areas –Piazza S.Babila. Their fashion will be the media have infinite zoom became the fashion standard.

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Moncler Classic mid enduring classic series series was renovated and refurbished, sparkling after Xijinqianhua. For those who prefer leisure, established style of dress of the people, the classic is always the best choice, not too flamboyant design, structured windproof hat, front pockets, side pockets cuffs are not very great change, or to complete concise and practical style to attract consumers who want simple and neat casual style can not miss. Outdoor Series MONCLER outdoor series is like outdoor sports, the best choice for keen explorers.

For a long time outdoor series in France, Italy, Canada and other country skiing popular support rate very high, MONCLER conservative compared to the classic series, MONCLER outdoor series is updated every year, every year there are new design and cutting way the clothing and the body adjusted to the optimum state of muscle movement, the movement of people also will be adjusted to the optimum state. Outdoor series of new products in recent years in color with the application made more changes, bright colors makes a bright spot in the ice and snow.Life Series Life series MONCLERSLIFE Union can gaze past few years in Europe and the most fashionable feather series, with the rich urban life change, jacket become warm winter essential supplies.

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Faye Wong has been at the forefront of fashion. Spring Festival unveiled its heels stockings sets practice let a lot of people trying to copy a few days ago Faye wearing a new jacket at the airport. Fashion columnist for Faye Wong microblogging Down conduct reviews say the masses will think She cold crazy quilt holding plane. Faye Wong microblogging responded by saying that end like this jacket like a quilt, then drying out wearing this huge domineering jacket back, like a bed of white duvet spread on earth. December 3 fashion columnist “gogoboi”
Microblogging commented Faye Wong’s new white jacket. gogoboi said Faye this jacket to wear body knowledgeable people know days it is nowadays to wear the hottest single product, innocent people may have thought she was crazy cold plane wrapped in blankets. To this end Faye Forward microblogging responded by saying Himself like a quilt like this jacket, “just like it is like a quilt, it is also a total drop it.” Then there is this jacket asks whether there are male models, Faye Wong is Funny answered: “quilt is also divided male and female models, never heard of.” To allow netizens to see,Its quilt jacket style, Faye Wong at 11:14 on the 4th specially drying out their domineering jacket back. moncler sale,”Duvet” too big cover over the ground, friends praised said jacket so domineering Queen Fan children very, very suitable for days. Most people can not control. the Internet Coming of age, making the “self-media” force more powerful, that is to say, each of us have become an autonomous media. This jacket wholesale manufacturers, is to get the customer experience who in the world, each of the manufacturers are doing all his own Down

Customer experience best. For 2015 new down jacket wholesale, also I have done a lot of preparation, but these preparations are not deliberately go back to what purpose, because Wei Lundi previous years are doing, and always wearing experience as our end consumers All efforts in the direction. Wei Lundi Down So, for 2015 new down jacket wholesale, are on the customer experience to do what effort? The first is designed in the style wholesale 2015 new down jacket on the market is a lot of research work, And truly become our customers want produced; second is wholesale 2015 new down jacket fabrics use, Wei Lundi stick with the most comfortable fabrics suitable for the customer, to make any compromises on comfort fabric is not to use it with the best. Willen

Di 2015 new down jacket wholesale, we and the line and capricious. When cold insulation pick the clothes not only to consider what kind of fabric, there is a need to focus on important details: the filler. Wei Lundi company noted: warm winter clothes in the middle filling material,In the cold winter air can be left in the body of the table, and then use the body’s own heat to warm it to produce a low-grade cold winter, heating pads, and now the filler on the market can be divided into multiple, what kind of material that is breathable and warm in order to achieve It? Our material is divided into several common cotton wool, down, etc., but with the development of science and technology, insulation materials have been improved, spinning cotton into a new kind of cold filling, which is an ultra-fine silicon hollow staple fibers The main raw materials, together with part

Heat capacity staple fibers, finished with plastic in very small amounts, after calendering hot flat surface is very smooth, feel very delicate, thin, good flexibility performance, outstanding thermal insulation, and not easy to change type, not run wire, water resistance strong, repeatedly washed with washing machine does not become
Type. Compared to cotton wool, spinning cotton insulation performance is more prominent, but not easy anti-surge, thermal insulation performance over time will not deteriorate become bloated features. In the current market, insulation materials fish, as long as you have a little process is called spinning cotton, solid,Disparity is great, production methods and ingredients are not the same, so that the consumer is on the file, so when buying or to recognize the brand to see the product, so no worries.