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Heart of beauty in everyone, MONCLERSLIFE naturally not forget to create stylish means strong style. MONCLERSLIFE learned over the years, among the timeless classic series jacket design, the every year the latest fashion elements into the functional jacket in ovo collar, closed belt, retractable beam port, hooded, sequins, embroidery a variety of popular elements and the perfect combination of a down jacket, as always, to break the routine and rigid. Meanwhile, MONCLERSLIFE in LOGO design visually make a significant innovation, to retain the classic red and blue color, unique identification of the Alps and the Gallic rooster, into a more dynamic vitality of lines and image styling more imagination.

MONCLERSLIFE Since its launch, has won numerous Hollywood and European stars of love, so that the Union can gaze MONCLERSLIFE become is a popular series. Reform in 1957, in order to prevent the filler products in short supply and increasing labor efficiency, the company has more raw materials moved to Grenoble. In 1964 Moncler Terray by the sponsors set up branch offices in Alaska. Secure and trusted by the world recognized Mincler materials. In the economic boom of the 1960s, they also donated a number of sporting events. The company also with the change and adjustment of products and current events, for large groups and not just for the movement.